Who is this man?

I am not telling yet. I have a very definite plan for him and I don't think you will have to wait too long to find out. In fact a few of you might guess before I reveal his actual identity.

How many characters are in this story?

Quite a few more that have not even been introduced yet.

Is this all from personal experience?

Not really unless you count my dreams. With most of writing I start as the first thing in the morning, before I even get out of bed. I wake up with the story developing inspired from my dream state. I jot down all my thoughts in a spiral bound notebook. Later in the evening, I review what I have written that morning and I start out writing. I find that can I accomplish my best writing with this technique. I consider my notebook a sketch of the story. Sometimes I am writing or typing at such a pace that I don't see my mistakes. I try to leave it for a while then go back and fix anything obvious.

When is the continuation going to take place?

It is my intent for this story to become a full length story (meaning book length); however, I will take it where it leads me. When it is finished it will be finished. I am trying to get a chapter or episode up at least weekly. Since I am only three episodes in I will revise this question at a later date.

Are you thinking of finishing for Halloween?

Doubtful that I even can. There is no earthly way I can finish this with all that I hope to put into it.

Questions for the Reader:

  1. What is Cassie's problem with her last name?
  2. Where is Cassie?
  3. Who is the Man?
  4. Who does the Man remind you of?
  5. Do you like where the story is going?
  6. Does it frustrate you in any way?
  7. Would you like a dictionary link on some the words that I like to refer to as "five dollar" words?