Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Like most unpublished writers it is a life long dream to finish a story that may take the form of a book. I am very excited because the muse finally spoke to me. I would like to thank Tess Kincade for her contribution by waking my sleeping muse with her hauntingly beautiful photo posted in Magpie Tales used in Framescape ~1~.  The artwork at the top of my blog was from a writing prompt I recieved from Writer's Island. I thank them kindly and to the people who commented on my submission that it was just not enough for this beautiful picture. I couldn't agree more. It was the coupling of these two photos, my extremely active dream life and imagination that is bringing this story into being.

As part of the story telling experience, I love adding photos or beautiful art. Often I find it floating free in the vast space we all know as the web. If I should use someone's work I will always give them the credit. If I get the photo from google images I will state as much. Or perhaps I will start using my own art as I find appropriate for the story.

I hope you will take this journey with me. I also hope that if you like what you read you might share it with others. I did mark the site as adult content because this story is intended for adults. I have no intention of turning this in to a piece of erotic but you never know where the muse will take you. Also, please understand this a pure fantasy and pure fiction and not ment to carry any religious undertone about the hereafter. It is just my imagination and since I have never been dead I am making it all up. I don't mean to offend anyone. I have my own spiritual beliefs and I don't intend to make them apart of this story.

Lastly, I thrive on your feedback and I won't get my panties in a wad if you write something negative. I will actually be grateful for any feedback. Happy Reading.

Warm wishes always,

Kristen Haskell