Sunday, October 24, 2010

Framescape ~2~

Framescape Part Two
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Someone was yelling to me off in the distance, “Stay with me come on stay with me!” The voice was becoming clearer and it got louder and felt closer to me. I felt that rush of pain again. The hall with the wooden door was fading in and out of existence like a strobe light. I could see myself drifting toward the voice and the pain but I was frantic not to go in that direction. I could feel throbbing, my head wanted to explode, my hallway was fading fast.  I turned away from the sound. I felt that if I ran back away from it I would hear the revelry again. I was right I could hear it up ahead. I kept running and I was right back at that magnificent door.  Only this time it was opened and I entered.
The room was glowing by the candlelight of Austrian crystal chandeliers, tables with ice sculptures, flowers and food were plentiful and lined one whole side of the room. There were barmen and fountains flowing.  Waiters were whirling around men dressed in tuxedos and woman in silky flowing gowns. The whole scene was reminiscent of my idea of a heavenly ball in the thirties or forties.  There was dancing, cigar smoking and drinking. The conversations and laughter seemed to take over the atmosphere and my man seemed the center of all the attention.
I looked down at myself, feeling a momentary sense of embarrassment. Last I remembered, I was dressed in jeans, boots, long sleeve t-shirt and sweater vest and was bloody. When I looked down at myself I was in a gorgeous gown. It was beaded in little pins of light. It seemed ethereal, made from a transparent fiber that seemed to be emitting light from inside reflecting outward. It was beautiful and I knew immediately it was otherworldly.
There in the center of the room off from the dance floor was the man. His face clean shaven except a small toothbrush mustache, his hair black cut tight and combed back with some type of pomade. His tuxedo was spotless, free from all lint and with perfect lines. He was framed like a fine piece of art.  As he stood and spoke, a beautiful woman approached and he excused himself and offered her a dance.
They were elegant and took full command of the floor. The orchestra played a fine Vienna waltz. I was mesmerized as was almost everyone in the room. This man could dance, his partner was just a mere decoration on his arm.
I was certain that I recognized him but I couldn’t place it. Had we met somewhere? He looked so familiar but his eyes, they were piercing and haunting. I realized that the nervousness I felt when our spirits were connected could not have been his. He was like a regent in full command. I was certain that we were not friends but I was also sure that I knew him. I just did not know how or where I knew him from. My memory was skipping and I felt lightheaded.
In a flash, I felt the pain return but as soon as it returned it subsided. I could hear beeps and it was black. The music was somewhere in the distance.

To be continued…..


  1. The description of your pin-points of light gown are magnificent.
    Hmmm, who is this man?

  2. What a wonderful sounding ball! I do love a good mystery....and this is a good mystery. Back again shortly for the next installment.

    ps....I agree with Lydia. The 'otherworldly' gown sounds amazing. I can just picture it!


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