Saturday, October 30, 2010

Framescape ~4~

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A lovely creature stepped through the wavy gelatinous frame. She came right up to me. “Cassie, my name is Gaia.” She announced as she took my hand in hers. Here walk with me a while, it was something I couldn’t do when I lived on earth.
We stepped back through the frame and the flipping seemed to stop while she held my hand. I was at peace with her. She radiated a peaceful energy and I was comforted in her presence.  We were instantly walking on a beach. The tide was gentle. I could feel and smell all the lovely sensations of the ocean. The salt water spray was light and refreshing. The sand was warm. It massaged my feet the sensation was mind altering, orgasmic. I could feel it from the tip of my head to the last nerve in my toes. The day was warm and the sun kissed me without its harsh rays. It was very much like earth except it was without imperfection and there was no one else around. It was just us, Gaia and me.
“This is beautiful. I have never seen water this clear or this color before.” It was crystalized and metallic in its blue, teal and green. Everything sparkled to the point of blinding but here there was no blinding here or need to shade my eyes.
She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. Her silence and gestures acknowledged my gratitude for the loveliness of this place. Our steps left no trace behind us yet we could feel so much of the sand underneath us. And the gulls they sang, in such a way that their voices were accompanied by the harmony of other sea creatures and together it was a whimsical chorus.
I looked at her with so many questions. “When you said that you didn’t walk on earth, why was that?”
Squeezing my hand gently, a small gust of wind blew her alluring red wavy mane back off her face and her striking green eyes looked into mine. “I was born with a crippling disease. “
“Which disease?” asking only to gain a greater insight as to how her malady affected her.
“There wasn’t a name for it, when I lived.”
My eyes pleading, wanting to understand more her situation, she continued, “I was not able to walk, use my arms or talk but my thoughts were all my own.”
Without thinking I said, “that must have been frustrating for you, I am so sorry.”
Quizzically she cocked her head, “I don’t think I understand your apology.”
“I only meant, didn’t you desire to be like everyone else? Do what others could easily do?”
“I never felt that.”
“No never.”
“How is that possible? I would be climbing the walls.”
“Have you always walked, used your arms and talked?”
“Why yes.”
“I never did. Have you ever jumped in a freezing pond naked?”
“Oh, certainly not!”
“Have you ever felt that desire?”
“No I can’t say that I have.”
“Lots of people do it.”
“Well they are nuts.”
“Are they?”
“I think so.”
“Hmm. Perhaps they are just different. Their desires are different.”
“But that is nothing compared to the difficulties of a disabled body.”
“I did not need it to walk, or talk on earth.  My abilities were different.” She smiled to reassure me and said,  “I was very content.“
We walked in silence for what seemed like a very long time. Her hand was still in mine. We were still leaving no footsteps behind us. The rhythm of the ocean lapping back and forth was spellbinding. I was engrossed in the splendor of my surroundings until I thought of him, until he invaded my serenity.
“Gaia, why am I here with you? I feel as though I need to be finding my way back to another place but my desire…”
“Is to be here with me?” she said.
“Yes. I can’t explain it but before I saw you I was living in two planes simultaneously.”
“Oh my dearest, there are many, many planes of existence in our subconscious.”
“But I am conscious of my surroundings.”
“Are you? Where do you think you are?”
“Why I am here with you.”
“Why yes dearest, you are.”
To be continued…


  1. itriguing turn to the story...did you ever read piers anthony's incarnations of immortality...feels a bit like that through this sure are leaving a lot of mystery along the way...intrigued to see where you go from here...

  2. Another great chapter!

  3. just stumbled over today and caught up on the first 4 interesting story with a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing where it all leads.

  4. This is shaping up wonderfully......and the description of aqueous surroundings. Picture perfect!

  5. There are many questions here. Thanks for your write.


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