Saturday, January 22, 2011

Framescape should Continue

Last month my mother died and this put a big screeching halt on my writing. I am not sure that I can get back to it any time soon. I have the desire but the block it like a two hundred ton slab of granite. I can't seem to penetrate it. Even my poetry on my Living in the Middle blog is filled with the loss I feel right now. I have written over fifty thousand words of the first draft of this story. That happened in November. The story is half way there but the other half left me completely. I was hoping to finish the first draft before March. March is NaNo's editing month. I doubt I will be ready for that.


  1. I used to be hooked on one soap opera that I refused to miss. The phone rang just as ALL MY CHILDREN was coming on and I paused before answering the phone. My mother had died in an accident and suddenly I knew what was important and what wasn't. Real life over-takes soap operas.

    BUT....creativity is life affirming.

    If writing is important to you, your heart will tell you "it's time... it's time." This does not mean your feelings for your mother are taking second place. 'it's just time for you to allow your passion to come back'."

  2. Of course Framescape should continue.

    It’s very sad and your feelings for your mother are very genuine. But a writer cannot stay away from writing for long. You write well. Set your creativity, feelings & imagination free again. Give your thoughts a new horizon. Regain your passion, Trust your ability & You'll make it. All the best!

  3. I'm so very sorry for you Kristen. That's such a painful thing. (((hug)))

  4. My mom died last September. I'm very sorry and hope you are doing better.


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