Wednesday, February 6, 2013


He looked down at the crowd gathered below, it seemed a shame to take one of them out. So he sat Indian-style at the edge and patiently waited for the coast to clear. "Umm, maybe I shouldn't wait, maybe one of them deserves to go with me?" He voiced from above. Yet no one heard him. Not one person looked up. Not one person noticed his knee caps dangling from the edge.

The fall would be considerable. How high was it? 50 feet, 100? He didn't know. His spatial intelligence had always failed him and this time he worried it would fail him again. What if it wasn't high enough? Leaving the job undone? That would be a shame. That might be the only thing to change his mind. The pain would be considerable. It didn't concern him.

He closed his eyes and the breeze hit his face. Where was the sun? Why couldn't he feel the sun on his face?  Day in and day out, he sat alone in his apartment watching TV and thinking and reading and scratching himself raw. Eating the same old Top Ramen . Piling his clothes in a black garbage sack and donating them as soon as they were too disgusting to wear, even for him. Turning around and going to the same donation store and finding new clothes, cleaner clothes to wear. He stank. Nothing could remove the odor. He stood up, looked up and jumped.

He was no longer alone, with him at the door of Hell was the pedophile he nailed on impact. Hell was pleased. Hell took the pedophile with open arms and thanked him kindly for his donation but then  slammed the door in this face. Hell had no use for him. No use at all.

Rejected again! He shrugged and moved on... 


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