Monday, October 28, 2013

three years later

This boy "Tobi Teeth" became mine. He was my mother's dog until she passed away, 18 days after I worked tirelessly on Framescape for thirty days straight. I felt an enormous sense of guilt because I spent all that time writing this story not having any real idea where it would take me instead of spending her last month on this earth with her. Now three years later I am in hospice with end stage respiratory failure and advanced muscular dystrophy trying to finish this story. I finally figured out what it is about and who my characters are. well at least of few of them.

For the time being my plan is the try to reach my goal and write this book. I haven't touched it in three years. My official start date is Friday, November 1st. I will be posting my word count daily in case anyone out there is interested. Mainly it is for myself. It helped keep me going last time, here's hoping it will do it again.

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